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Austin Church Improves Solar Power Effectiveness By Lowering Consumption

full of energyImproving the efficiency of solar energy production has been on the lips of everyone who works at or attends Saint David’s Episcopal Church.  The church has a large facility that takes up a city block.  The church even has a parking garage that gets a great deal of direct sunlight.  However, the sunlight that the church gets is actually too much to use.

Therefore, the church went about changing the goals of their project.  Systems are actually designed to produce power, but that power is lost if it is not used immediately.  In fact, the system cannot send power back into the power grid.  When power is sent back into the whole power grid, the solar system trips and shuts off.

Together with Meridian Power, the church is working on a project to reduce their solar capacity so that the church only produces what it needs.  This new approach to solar power could change how people view solar power and how solar power panels are installed in the future.

Depositing Energy In A Solar “Power Bank”?

solar energy cellsThe problem of storing the energy produced by solar power panels has been something that General Compression, a Boston-based company, has been working on.  While many people may have installed solar power panels, there are surpluses of energy that could be “banked” for use by the homeowner or by their neighbors.

What General Compression hopes to do is have a storage facility for excess solar energy so that customers do not have to have storage at their home.  This also allows for customers to draw from the bank when they need and not because of an overage of power they have stored on their property.

While the rules and regulations of the energy markets will have to be changed to allow for a storage facility of this type, people who have shortages of power can take energy from the bank when they need.  People who have overages will be able to wait to take out energy, and everyone benefits from mutually-produced power in the end.