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States Are Poised To Experience Cleaner Electricity From Massive Solar Thermal Plants

solar electricity plantThe states of Texas, California and Arizona are poised to see an increase in the amount of electricity produced by solar thermal power plants. This is in light of an announcement from the U.S.  Energy Information Administration that many additional solar thermal plants will shortly begin operation.

The Abengoa Solar and the BrightSource Energy power plants located in Arizona and California respectively, are the two largest power plants that will commenced operation last month.  Both power plants are expected to generate a total of 642 megawatts of residential electricity which has the potential of powering 200,000 homes.

When compared to photovoltaic generators, solar thermal plants are quite expensive, costing as much as $2.2 million.  This project will however be funded by loans from the U.S Department of Energy.  The power plants will assist in fulfilling the Climate Action Plan objective set by the Obama administration to combat climate change through the means of clean energy.

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