Photosynthesis Informs Solar Energy Production

photosynthesisA biological phenomenon related to photosynthesis is showing scientists that plants are actually using quantum mechanics to take sunlight and turn it into energy. Cells absorb photons and transmit energy after they have absorbed the light.

Scientists have been trying to replicate this process in solar cells in order to make them more efficient, but there is nothing more than a toy model at this point.  The scientists are hoping that these models can help to improve the output that is generated from solar cells.

The idea behind these tests is that the energy conversion can be raised by 35% when the scientists can apply these principles to solar cells.  However, the technology has not been perfected.  Scientists believe that they must study every part of the system in order to figure out how the plant systems work.

With the hope of increased production, scientists may be able to crack the code on solar energy efficiency.

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