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Behold the Magnified Power of the Sun

SONY DSCDid you know that the amount of solar energy that strikes the Earth in just one hour is enough to power all of the human enterprises for an entire year?  It’s true, and there are people who believe that solar energy can take care of everyone’s needs.

However, there are people who want to be a little more conservative when dreaming about how big the impact of solar power will be.  Because the largest conversion percentage for a photoelectric power cell is 33.7%, people are concerned that only that percentage of the solar energy hitting the Earth can be used.

The German architect André Broessel has come up with a ball lens that he believes can convert electricity from solar power at a rate of around 50%.  His “ball lens” has photo cells underneath the orb.  The orb essentially compacts energy into a tight beam and focuses that energy onto the photo cells.  This system even works when the skies are not clear.

While his system is not far-fetched, it will be difficult to get companies to retrofit their existing solar systems.  However, this ball lens could be efficient up to a rate of 70% if it could be put into use.